Sentinel - First Post!

Well, this is the beginning. The beginning of what, you ask? Well, that depends on how it turns out. It might be the beginning of an amazing journey, full of learning experiences and leading to the end result of an awesome game! Or, it might be the beginning of yet another abandoned project. Who's to say at this point really.

So, Sentinel. I guess I'll start off with what I have so far. I have a folder that has some basic Javascript stuff set up with spaces for textures and sound set aside, and most of a basic design document. I'll reveal more about what's in the document as I build the game, because it'll be easier and more fun to explain things if I have visual examples and proof of the stuff actually being there.

I'll start out here with a basic description of the gameplay. Imagine a 2D cityscape with giant robots walking around who are taller than the buildings. They're busting things up, and you need to stop them. Your player character, who is TINY compared to these robots (who the smarter of us have deciphered are called Sentinels) has to climb up the side of these bots to find a way inside. This part of the game will be like a 2D platformer, like Ninja Gaiden or Metroid for NES. To navigate between the Sentinels, your main method of movement will be a grappling hook that you can swing around with like Spiderman, going from robot to robot with ease.  You can't use it to climb up when you're platforming though, but smarter players might be able to grapple onto a nearby robot or building and then back over to get higher really quickly.

Once inside, which is possible through some maintenance hatches on the outside or whatever, the game will play like a top-down shooter. Now think Smash TV or Enter the Gungeon. The actual layout will hopefully be randomly generated, so that it's a little different for each robot.

The original idea for this game from a Reddit post here, so thanks to u/DragonFirePie for the idea.

Anyway, that's going to be it for this post. If there's a next time, that will definitely be when I have something visual to show off that's more than just words and ideas that I say will be in the game. We'll see.


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